Window Patching is a process in which a box,carton or paper bag manufactuer would inlay put a patch of clear film to display product. The purpose of this process is to display the product while protecting product integrity. Window patch film is available is a variety of thickness. Depending on the application (ie. freezer) there is a variety of films types available.

NameApplication Usage 
WPF-10CL OPSAn unmodified film, great for use on envelope window patches.View Summary & Gauges
WPF-20CL PVCTissue boxes, dispenser boxes (surgical masks & gloves)View Summary & Gauges
WPF-30CL PEVery Soft. For Tissue boxes, dispenser boxes, laminations for HFFS / VFFSView Summary & Gauges
WPF-40CL PETHardware, cosmetics, glassware & pharmceutical.View Summary & Gauges
WPF-50CL BOPPBaked goods, chocolates, cosmetics & pastaView Summary & Gauges
WPF-70CL AcetateBiodegradeable. Baked goods, chocolates, cosmetics, pastaView Summary & Gauges

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