Frequently Asked Questions


L&K Industries has put together some the most commonly asked questions in the plastic film business, when ordering film. We have made it easy for our customers to calculate various requirements pertaining to their business. Conversions are approximate and are based on yield values issued by the manufacturer. Note, all rolls are individually weighed at time of production.

The following abbreviations are used in the Conversion Formulas below:

Qty (Yield) = # of Patches, Labels, Tags, etc. SI = Square Inches
L = Length MSI = 1000 Square Inches
W = Width  

Q. How do I convert Lb's to Kg's?

This can be determined using the formula:  Lb's ÷ 2.2046 = Kg's


Q. How do I convert Kg's to Lb's?

This can be determined using the formula:  Kg's. x 2.2046 = Lb's


Q. How do I determine the # of Lb's Needed (when you have the running length and width)?

This can be determined using the formula:  L (in inches) x W (in inches) ÷ Yield = Lb's Required

Example: 48,000” x 5” ÷ 24,000 = 10 lbs.
                 (4,000 X 12)


Q. How do I convert Sq. Inches to Lb's of Material?

This can be determined using the formula: SI ÷ Yield = Lb's of Material


Quality Control

Q. How do you ensure a quality product?

L&K Industries has taken some very important precautions to ensure that the film you receive is in the best possible condition.

  • All material received must be suspended on end boards and wrapped to avoid damage during the shipping process to L&K Industries. All materials are inspected upon receipt.
  • Rolls are suspended on shafts during the conversion process then carefully removed using an overhead hoist, put on a material handler, slid off and packed to your exact specifications.
  • Before, during and after conversion L&K Industries performs a series of quality tests and procedures on all material produced. Such tests would include the Dyne level (prior or running), roll tension (while running) and order compliance.


Material Receiving and Handling

Q. What happens if there is a problem with my shipment?

We encourage our customers to inspect their order upon receipt. Any suspected damage should be documented and reported immediately to L&K Industries.

Q How do I properly handle my shipment to prevent damage?

One must use care when unpacking goods. There are many ways to handle rolls to avoid damage.

  • Use devices such as a roll shaft lifter hoist or roll handling cart.
  • Material should NEVER be placed on the floor.
  • If you need to double stack rolls use a cardboard interleave between each roll.
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