Form, Fill, & Seal (FFS) is a process in which a manufacturing over wraps a product with a machine that takes a flat or V-FOLD roll of material and forms it into a bag, fills then seals bag closed, while still protecting product intergrity. From, Fill & Seal films are available is a variety of thickness. Depending on the product being overwrraped (nuts, bakery, personal care, etc.) thier is a vast variety of films available.

NameApplication Usage 
FFS-50A2A co-extruded, two side coated, heat sealable, biaxially oriented film. Can be used unsupported or supported in a lamination application. This film is designed for use on both vertical and horizontal form fill and seal machines for over wrapping of inserts (coupons), nuts, confectioneries, baked goods, snacks or personal care items.View Summary & Gauges
FFS-50AP2One side acrylic, one side PVDC coated, heat seal-able film. Although this film and its properties are not affected by humidity, the acrylic surface may be disturbed by liquid moisture which occurs with condensation. Caution is recommended when considering acrylic as a sealant or exposed print surface in refrigeration or freezer.View Summary & Gauges
FFS-50CL Used on both vertical or horizontial form fill and seal machines for the overwrapping of inserts, such as coupons, nuts, confectioneries, baked goods, snacks or personal care tiems.View Summary & Gauges
FFS-50WTUsed on both vertical and horizontail form fill and seal machine for over wrapping of individual mints/candies, nuts & snacks. View Summary & Gauges

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